About Me

portrait2I grew up in rural, south-eastern Manitoba and began my post-secondary education as a music student, first at Providence University College and then at the University of Manitoba, specializing in vocal performance and choral conducting. While at the University of Manitoba I dabbled in philosophy and became hooked.  I became a graduate student in philosophy, receiving an M.A. from the University of Manitoba in 2005 and then a Ph.D. from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst in 2013. I currently work as the choir director at St. Margaret’s Anglican Church and teach philosophy at various Winnipeg and surrounding area colleges and universities, including, most recently, Menno Simons College, Booth University College, and Providence University College.

When I’m not giving lectures, grading essays, or rehearsing choirs, I can be found renovating my house, roasting my own coffee, tinkering with computers, coaching youth basketball, or singing the occasional concert with Polycoro.