Published Works


Rethinking Priming in Social Psychology: Insight From James’ Notions of Habits and Instincts” New Ideas in Psychology (2015) 46: 17-25 (co-authored with James Cresswell)

Higher-Order Thoughts and the Unity of ConsciousnessThe Journal of Mind and Behavior (Autumn 2014) 35:201-224 (Preprint)

Natural Classes of Universals: Why Armstrong’s Analysis FailsAustralasian Journal of Philosophy (2006) 84:285-296

“Armstrong on Aliens” Aufbau: The Canadian Graduate Journal of Philosophical Analysis (2005) 1:47-68


The Significance of Religious Experience by Howard Wettstein, Religious Studies Review (2015) 41: 103-104.


The Structure of Consciousness” University of Massachusetts, Amherst (2013)

My dissertation examines the nature and structure of conscious experience and does so by exploring two questions: (i) Is consciousness necessarily phenomenally unified? and (ii) Does consciousness entail self-consciousness? I argue that conscious experience must be phenomenally unified. Some believe that conscious unity requires a kind of self-consciousness. I argue that it does not.

M.A. Thesis

A New Defence of Natural Class Trope Nominalism” University of Manitoba (2005)